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Football is a sport unlike other sports in the fact that it is played all over the World by all Peoples of the World. It has no language barriers; it has proved a building of friendships of Nations, built bridges across continents and the political divide of our planet.

The buzz is the 2010 World Cup in our own Country and the businesses have the opportunity to share in this historic event and ensure that the peoples of our region become beneficiaries and competitive participators in the beautiful game.

The Board of Directors acknowledges the broad base of their supporters as well as the socio-economic factors. Hundreds of out supporters do not have the means to come to our home games and suspect that a number do not have the luxury of Television. They view this as a vital exercise in ensuring that the poorest of the poor have the benefit in being part of the “beautiful game”, meet and see our players live and win prizes in the form of Club memorabilia.

Staging, assisting and participating in community organized tournaments also features in our community year plan. Exercises such as these and the friendly games gives the Club, players, staff and associates a platform to communicate directly with our supporters, community leaders, target markets and for associated NGO’s to address the communities with a number of social issues.

High on the agenda is also the issue of supporter education which embraces the Club background, the history of the Directors, players, membership, supporter branches and their executive committee members, football development issues and our sponsors their products and brands.

Our vision for our associates also includes permanent advertising boards in areas where our supporters branches have been established as well advising the executive committee of these branches on the important role our associates play in the Club’s overall vision and the benefits derived for both the Club and its supporters.

Herewith are the overall objectives of our “Football and Community Programme”

The primary objective is to ensure that our associates are identified with the consumer market. The associates must enjoy benefits with the overall project across the geographic area of the supporter base.

  1. The programme provides ideal platforms in which associates can use the opportunity to promote new brands or existing products.
  2. To ensure that the communities association with the programme is ongoing and foundations are set and identification with the associates are tangible.
  3. To ensure that communities and supporters alike are aware of the associate’s social responsibility.
  4. To give associates the opportunity to measure existing and future target markets.
  5. To assist in and execution in the distribution of promotional and advertising material in areas where the programme is in operation.
  6. To ensure consumers recognizes brand and commitment.
  7. To give associates the opportunity to attract a loyal and profitable set of customers.
  8. To ensure this vehicle markets our associates product, service or company.
  9. To help our associates marketing divisions to stimulate interest or purchases by the final consumers or others in the channel.
  10. To clearly define the relevant target market and the competitors for our associates.