6 May 2010

Maritzburg United Development was on hand in the selection and preparation of the Further Education Training College, Midlands team for the FET Cup to be played in Newcastle on Saturday the 8 May 2010.

After viewing 120 players, these were the players that made the final cut to the last stage of the selections from which the final twenty were selected.

Head of Development, Katz Naidoo and the Club’s Youth Coaches assisted in the selection of the squad to compete against the FET’s other regional campuses.

"We had to select a squad of twenty from 120 talented players which was no easy task," said Katz.

" We took two days to eventually come up with a dynamic team that is well balanced and has the potential to win the trophy," added Katz.

"It also gave the United Coaches the opportunity to identify players and I must add there were four players that caught my eye.

On behalf of Maritzburg United we wish this FET Midlands Team all the success in this forthcoming tournament."