23 March 2009

Four vs Four at Alston Primary School

Maritzburg United’s Development Wing conducted a “Four vs Four” Tournament at Alston Primary School on Friday the 20 March 2009.

The tournament commenced at 12H30 and ended at 15H30. Some 91 learners ranging from 10 to 14 years participated in this exercise, said United’s Development Director Katz Naidoo.

The learners thoroughly enjoyed this form of football with simple rules and fun orientated games. Interestingly the skills seen at this exercise shows that these age groups have a lot to offer if given freedom to play and enjoy.

Also because of reduced numbers in the game format all learners enjoy a number of touches. In addition you don’t see the “swarm of bees” picture that creates chaos in 11 v 11 games, all charging at the ball at the same time and some players watching the birds fly over.

This form of game format allows players in a team to be active.

Mr. Neil Tommy the school’s Sports Coordinator was also pleased with the concept and feels this exercise has come at the right time and he will use this form of games to select players for the forthcoming school’s soccer programme and introduce a inter classroom tournament using this game format.

This concept is also ideal for girls to play and you could also play mixed teams of boys and girls.

To their delight each learner was given a United Kika-Sack ball after the tournament.

This group picture show the excitement and joy of participation and receiving the Kika-Sack.

Action from the “Four vs Four” games.