The Directors, Management and Players of Maritzburg United wishes to express heartfelt sympathy for all those affected by the recent acts of xenophobia and criminality that are now sweeping through the province of KZN and the country alike.

As a club we condemn xenophobia and urge all stake holders to help to put an end to this evil act.

Sport and notably soccer has brought people together. Internationally, it is a known fact that the players ply their trade in various countries.

What we are witnessing now in our community is a violation of people’s human rights, which is enshrined in our constitution.

This country is preparing to host the 2010 World Cup, where we expecting Africa and the world to grace our shores.

The act of xenophobia will definitely put fear into our African Brothers of coming here in 2010.

I challenge all clubs in the PSL to denounce xenophobia and make your stand.

Lets unite and stop this criminality.

Farook Kadodia



We eagerly await to hear from the Premier Soccer League on the future of the play off finals. The last information we’ve had is that F.C.A.K. appeal is set for Monday, 19 th May 2008 at the O.R. Tambo Airport Conference Room. We are in no control of these hearing dates, but definitely the duration from our last match played on the 11 th April 2008 to the date we play this final is acrimonious.

In saying that an unfair advantage will be given to any team other than F.C.A.K. as our opponents, I would like to point out factors to substantiate my views :

We have been advised that the PSL Executive Committee will decide the winner of the Inland Stream, hence our opposition.

  • F.C.A.K. were the only winners of the Inland Stream
  • No other club must be given the opportunity to come in from the “back door” other teams will be aggrieved by the decision.
  • A new team will have a psychological advantage, as this will be an opportunity they never had.
  • Many players can become homesick as they anticipated to have completed these finals on the 11 th May 2008.
  • It is during these times that other clubs try and poach players, hence disrupting their mentality.
  • As of the 14 th May 2008, we cannot play friendlies as all teams are now going on holiday.

I am firmly of the view that winning the Coastal Stream is an Honour on its own and must be respected likewise.

The problems make it difficult for the promoted team. Preparation time for both on and off the field is reduced by six weeks. A promoted team needs more time than the existing PSL teams. There are so many pointers we can raise, but lets stop now. My appeal to Mr. Irvin Khoza and his executives, is to promote us with dignity, where you elevate our status purely by default.

Every support is needed now.

Farook Kadodia

CHAIRMAN’S REPORT - 22 April 2008

Maritzburg Chairman Farook Kadodia thanks the technical team, players, management and the fans for their effort this season.

On achieving our goal of being number one in the Coastal NFD League, I must recognize the work put in by Head Coach, Ian Palmer and his Technical Team , the Players, Management and Directors.

Well done! I will be failing in my duty if I do not compliment our supporters, our biggest investors into our brand.

Attendances at our games against Bay United and Durban Stars, showed soccer crits the potential of support in the capital of KZN. It will be fantastic to have the Harry Gwala Stadium packed with a wave of our supporters.

We are two games away from the ultimate goal of promotion. The play off will serve as an ideal opportunity for us to be marketed with an anticipation of attracting a shirt sponsor. It is important for our local industrial and corporate businesses to invest into our brand.

Soccer in Pietermaritzburg can only get stronger with the continuity of financial support. Supporters are requested to send us emails with ideas to ensure a capacity crowd against F.C.A.K.

Yours in sport
Farook Kadodia