16 September 2008 



The disciplinary enquiry into the conduct of Gary Goldstone ( the player ) was convened at 13h00 on the 16th September 2008 by the Maritzburg United Football Club ( the club ) and the disciplinary enquiry committee constituted Asif Essa and Anees Mohamed.

The player was charged with unsportsmanlike conduct in that during or about 14/09/2008 and during the match between Maritzburg United and Kaizer Chiefs he wrongfully committed a professional foul on Tshepo Bulu.

The player pleaded guilty to the charge as proffered against him.

Having regard to the testimony of the player :

4.1. That he accepted that his actions amounted to a professional foul in that he intentionally attempted to stop the player through unfair means, and
4.2. Although he had no intent to cause any physical harm, he attempted to slow the game down, he fouled Tshepo Bulu when the latter changed direction.

The player’s plea is accepted and he is hereby found guilty of unsportsmanlike conduct.

In mitigation of sanction, the player made the following submissions :

1. He has an unblemished record for a period of approximately ten years.
2. He has apologized to the Tshepo Bulu publicly through the print media for what he terms an unfortunate incident. He has attempted to contact the player on several occasions, albeit unsuccessfully.
3. He had no intent to cause any physical harm.
4. He has apologized to his own team mates and the coach.
5. He regards what transpired as unacceptable behavior on his part and expresses sincere remorse.

The Disciplinary Committee has considered all the facts and circumstances in this matter and has come to the unanimous conclusion that the player be fined the sum of R30,000.00 ( R10,000 of which is suspended provided the player is not found guilty of any transgression of this nature for the duration of the 2008/2009 season. The balance of R20,000.00 is payable in two equal installments of R10,000 each and payable on the 30/09/2008 and 30/10/2008.

Dated at Pietermaritzburg on this 16th day of September 2008.

Asif Essa
Anees Mohamed