24 October 2008 

Gordon Igesund

Free State Stars are not an easy team on their turf I am concerned about their physical and no nonsense approach. To compound the concern is the break which indirectly can have an adverse effect on my team.

But the break can also be looked at positively, hence I have worked on the lads and created the hunger to play. I am satisfied that the belief amongst them is high. Our approach will be one of caution, it is a Cup game and the lads are aware three games in this competition puts them in the final. This is motivation to go out and grind out a positive result.

Overall I am pleased with the way the team has gelled and the performances in the league show the style of play is one of keeping the ball and knowing when to release it which is a big plus as far as our approach is concerned. Above all the echoes on my team’s performance is exciting and entertaining. But having said that my charges are aware this is a cup game and will go out knowing that a win is a place in the next round.

Sipho Mngomezulu and Brice Aka have been impressive and the general effort shown by the entire squad at training is pleasing. The squad is aware that the focus is the league status but are looking forward to the Cup Competition with the same zest.

They are aware it is going to be a tough away from home against a team that is very physical, direct and hard running. I have analyzed their recent games and will be viewing these games with the lads to ensure we are all on same wavelength. Their trade mark approach will be to win the ball and play direct into the 18 yd. box and convert something from nothing. We will guard against that and try not to lose possession in vulnerable areas in the park. But I am are confident that if we are disciplined the next round is not beyond us.

The other concern is the Charles Mopedi Stadium in Qwa Qwa, I am not aware of the conditions of the pitch, because very few PSL sides have played there recently. I will have to do some inquiries. Initially the game was to be played in Welkom. It is crucial to have an idea of the Stadium’s pitch conditions.

For us to make the next round the lads and I looking forward to seeing the “sea of blue” on the stands. I know the Club has sourced transport at a fee together with a free ground entrance ticket, contact the offices for details. I would love to see you all there come Saturday. You supporters are the backbone of our team’s success.