3 March 2009


Maritzburg United is disturbed by the story that appeared in the Sunday Times on the 01 March, linking the Club to a match fixing scandal.

The Club Chairman, Mr. Farook Kadodia clearly stated that these allegations surfaced on the eve of our away fixture against Santos on the 21 November 2008. This allegation has resurfaced and is completely baseless and is being manufactured by mischief makers.

From his perspective the story is too short of facts, hence the Club is not in a position to conduct an internal inquiry. There are veiled assumptions that one of the reasons for the change of Match Officials on United’s match days is because United’s Club Officials are approaching match officials. This is utter rubbish and unfounded, said a visibly upset Mr. Kadodia.

"It is obvious that the perpetrators are achieving their goals. One just needs to consider how we were victimized in fixture overloading especially in the January period. As a club we are being singled out. For the allegation to resurface with the Club fighting a relegation battle leaves much to be desired. It is no secret that it will need a strong match official to act without any pressure after these speculative reports.

"I must categorically state it is our view that these distractions are blowing from people who either are actively involved in these types of “mischief making” or by people who are making every attempt to destabilize the morale of the team so as to achieve their goals.

"It is important for the game and the Club’s integrity that we will not support this type of behaviour. We are a professional outfit and will under no circumstances resort to bribery and corruption. For reasons beyond our control the Club is being targeted.

"Although United has no committed sponsor it must be said that the Directors of the Team are not in football for financial enrichment.

"I appeal to all media outlets to contact PSL official, Mr. Ace Ngcobo directly for comment. "