17 March 2009

Botes - United’s Conditioner

Daric Botes is responsible for keeping the United players fit and raring to go. A specialist in both conditioning training and rehab of injuries.

Daric Botes (left) is seen chatting with United’s physio Debra Mitchell on the bench before one our home games.

An unassuming young man with a mission to keep the players fatigue free, conditioned and injury free.

United’s Head of Development, Katz Naidoo had a chat with him recently about his field and the “Team of Choice”.

Daric as he is fondly known by the players qualified as a Biokineticist at the UKZN’s Westville campus. "I was drawn into an interest in sport science and particularly orthopaedic rehabilitation and conditioning training, during high school," said Daric

"During my honours and internship years my supervisor was involved with professional soccer teams. As a result, I experienced working with team and players, in both their conditioning and rehab training.

"By excelling in both the theoretical and practical aspects of my field, I was able to build relationships with Doctors, Physiotherapist, other Biokineticists, and other practioners in the health care field. These relationships are what lead me to joining the Team of Choice, when I was recommended to Coach (Gordon).

"Since arriving at Maritzburg United, I have revelled in the opportunity to apply the knowledge and experience I have gained thus far, while expanding what I know, through working closely with Gordon and Clinton, and more recently, Ronnie.

" With their guidance, I managed to train players, during our brief pre-season, to a highly competitive level of fitness. I also believe that the excellent base we managed to build, is what has led to the team staying relatively free from injuries.

I am definitely looking forward to the challenges, and opportunity, that the last part of the season will bring. I expect that the club can only move forward, and upward, as the developments, which are currently on the horizon, come ever closer to being realised."