26 March 2009

Elangeni College Looking to Set Up Sports Academy

Elangeni College for Further Education and Training in Hammaredale recently held exploratory talks with Maritzburg United Football Club on assisting with the Football Wing of the Sports Academy.

United’s Chairman, Farook Kadodia and Director of Football Development, Katz Naidoo attended the meeting. The purpose for their presence was to enlighten the Elangeni Management led by Mary Peters that is tasked with researching the setting up of the Sports Academy.

According to Peters, they have a mandate from the Department of Education to enhance sports provisioning as the college needs to broaden sports provisioning to the community to decrease crime and poverty.

They currently have a partnership with Fulton College and Bristol Rovers F.C. in the United Kingdom and a planned visit by Rector and Peters to Bristol is on to add further research to their plans.

United’s Chairman, Kadodia thanked the College for being invited to this meeting and informed the meeting the importance of setting up an Sports Academy as the quality of Sports is down. We are 10 years behind in development.

He further added that sports and education must be developed side by side and United is prepared to assist on the football development wing of the academy through use of their coaching staff and equipment.

Katz Naidoo (yellow shirt) and Farook Kadodia (black shirt) are seen with the Elangeni College Management team that is tasked with setting up the Sports Academy.