1 April 2009


Our Mascot doing one of his celebration dance routines during our game against Santos at the Woodburn Stadium.

United’s recently returned Mascot from exile is sad that no one remembers is name and he himself is suffering from amnesia. We at the Club are all desperate to come to his rescue by giving him a name.

The cute Elephant wants to give the “Team of Choice” supporters the choice of his name. Through our media liaison officer he has appealed to the “sea of blue” to come up with an appropriate name.

The little fella has been keeping the “sea of blue” in high spirits during all our games since his return, bouncing around the stands and on the pitch. He gets really excited when the team scores. He starts to dance and jump around to the delight of you supporters.

So please lets give this recently returned addition to our family a name that will suit the “Team of Choice” and “The City of Choice”.

By the way he is of the male species and the ever happy guy welcomes the United supporters to take photographs with him.

Names can e-mailed to info@maritzburgunited.co.za or Katz.mufc@gmail.com